Funeral Cover For All

What Is Funeral Cover?

It is a type of insurance that a person or a family get to cover a loved one’s death. In other words, if a person comes to pass, this policy will pay for all the costs related to the memorial service. It will help the family greatly, since burying a person is not a cheap event. If someone has to pay it out of their monthly budget, they will struggle due to the rising costs of everything even funerals. It is the biggest reason that getting a funeral plan is the way to go.

What Does A Burial Plan Pay?

  • Cremation
  • Casket & burial ground
  • Flowers for the funeral
  • The conference or church
  • The ceremony leader or priest
  • Transport the casket or family

Sometimes airtime for the organizing of the funeral

And there are various other options as well that one can consider opting.

Does Age Matter When Applying For This Insurance?

You have to be between the age of 18 – 65 years old, if older there will be customized packages funeral insurance companies will offer you. If younger than the age of 18 years, you need a parent or guardian to apply for one.

The youth do not want to think about death; they would live for today rather. It is a problem as young people take more risks in life and due to that mortality rate between the age of 14 – 30 is high. The same goes for elder people, due to their age many health issues can take them by surprise.

But, there is not an age for death as it comes for babies, young, adults, and elder people. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye, the only thing you have to do is to be prepared, even if it is just financially.

Is There Aspects That Will Have An Impact On The Funeral Quotes?

Yes, like any other type of insurance some things will increase the price of the policy. Below is a list of stuff that will affect the price:

  • Lifestyle

Are you following a healthy lifestyle like exercising
and healthy nutrition?

  • Health

Do you have any health issue like diabetes or cholesterol? Are you diagnosed with a critical illness?

  • Substance or alcohol abuse

Do you use prescribed medicine or drugs? Do you consume alcohol on a regular basis?

  • Smoking

Are you a smoker or social smoker (smoking on occasions)?

  • Career

Do you have a high-risk job that can impact your life dramatically? For instance, people pursuing a career in extreme sports, or window washers of high buildings or a CEO with high pressure daily.

It is things you need to look at and be very clear with your broker about it. There will be problems when a claim is made, and you were not honest about certain aspects of your life. Your insurance company can decline an application due to any dishonesty.


You can get a funeral cover with life insurance policy; it is an option. But, if you’re not looking for a life plan, then just consider getting a burial plan for your family. It will help them financially, and it will give them peace of mind knowing they can offer you a proper funeral.